Woman Barbecues Brisket in Bathtub

Woman Barbecues Brisket in Bathtub

More than water in the bathtub!

We all know there are many methods to smoke a Brisket.  However, this story takes food smoking to a new *ahem* high.  Seems a Knoxville Tennessee woman took apartment food smoking into her own hands, and into the bathroom.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — According to Knoxville firefighters, a woman melted her tub after she tried to barbecue a brisket in it. Investigators said water from the tub poured on the neighbors below.

According to Knoxville Fire Department Captian DJ Corcoran, the fire happened at an apartment on 4834 Scheel Road.

Corcoran said when firefighters got there, they found a middle aged woman fanning light smoke from her apartment. She told fire crews there was a fire in the bathroom.

Corcoran said the woman tried to cook a brisket in her fiberglass bathtub. She had an open flame in the bottom of the tub with a wire rack resting on the upper edges. The meat was resting on top of the wire rack.

Firefighters used the shower head to extinguish the melting fiberglass. No one was hurt. The apartment below suffered minimal water damage.

Corcoran wrote in a press release, “Now, this may sound tempting and tasty, but now comes our public service announcement; ‘THIS IS NOT A SAFE PRACTICE, AND OVER 50% OF RESIDENTIAL FIRES INVOLVE COOKING.'”

Firefighters said this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Before this, someone on the fourth floor tried to use a charcoal grill in the living room to cook.

Needless to say, fire officials want to warn everyone to never try to grill indoors – ever.

credit: Local 8 News, Knoxville, Tenn.