Smoking Ribs in Your Backyard Made Easy

Smoking Ribs in Your Backyard Made Easy

Apartment & Townhouse dwellers, listen up!

Many folks enjoy ribs and other smoked foods, but may not have the budget or space to purchase a smoker, wood, and all the lil doodads that go along with the hobby.  This article makes backyard food smoking, even for an townhouse dweller, super easy!  You can use your existing charcoal grill, just add charcoal (any kind) and fire starters and you are off to the races!  Oops, almost forgot, some ribs & dry rub are always helpful 😉

This plan smokes a rack of ribs in about 2 hours and 45 minutes with no need to hover over a fire.  You can set this up and forget it – well almost.  The best part is there is no real danger of overcooking as you are using a limited amount charcoal that burns through the supply in just about the same cooking time needed.

On your mark.

Get set.