Smoked BBQ Deer Hind Quarter (Venison) "Texas Style"

Smoked BBQ Deer Hind Quarter (Venison) “Texas Style”

Venison is delicious!

If you love Venison, like we do, this is for you!  Sure, you’ve made Venison steaks, stews, etc.  But have you smoked a Venison hind quarter?  Maybe you have, but even so it’s time to try it Texas Style!  K Ray will show you how it’s done.

Simple seasoning with peppercorn and some injection to keep the meat moist and tasty – this is the way to go my friends!

Pay special attention to the smoker used here.  You needn’t spend the cash on this top of the line smoker, setting up your grill for indirect heat with chunk charcoal will do just fine as well!

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