Smoked Bacon Weave Stuffed Sausage Roll

Smoked Bacon Weave Stuffed Sausage Roll

You need to roll your first fatty!

I think it’s time we introduced a nice bacon wrapped sausage recipe.  After all, bacon and sausage aren’t just for breakfast anymore – but you knew that!

This recipe has you buying some of your favorite sausage.  Be creative here, sweet sausage, hot italian sausage or even chorizo sausage would make an excellent choice.  Now for the stuffing ingredients: sweet peppers, green onions, shredded cheese and spinach.  Remember, if there is an ingredient in the recipe you do not care for, just substitute for something that you like.  And don’t forget the bacon for your weave.

At this point, it’s important to remember proper hydration during your recipe prep, so be sure to keep plenty of your favorite zesty beverage available! 😉

Ok, hydration ready?  Great! Let’s watch this…