Smoke Cannabis Infused Pork Ribs

Smoke Cannabis Infused Pork Ribs

Season with cannabis olive oil and rub

Coat both sides of the ribs with a thin layer of cannabis-infused olive oil. That’ll help keep the seasoning stuck on. It’ll also gently cook into the meat providing a gentle dose of good vibes. Use whatever seasoning you like. I like to use a Texas style seasoning called Hard 8 that I mail order from a smoke house in Dallas. It’s basically salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder (you can make your own, if that’s easier & faster – use your judgement on how much of easy, it’s really by taste that I make my own as well) . I like to mix in a little paprika because it gives the ribs a reddish color during the smoke.

When applying the seasoning, sprinkle the seasoning from a seasoning container about 24″ above the ribs. That way the seasoning will distribute evenly and create a sexy looking rack when finished. Make it rain goodness up in there.



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