Smoke Cannabis Infused Pork Ribs

Smoke Cannabis Infused Pork Ribs

Infused Olive Oil & Cooking

One of the benefits of doing that is the oil gently cooks into the fibers of the meat. But it also gives a hint of herb flavor that can best be described as rosemary, which is the herb I used to add to my dry rubs.

The reason for becoming a pellet grill convert is because of the most important part of successfully smoking ribs—you have to control your heat over a long period of time. I was going to go with the Traeger pellet grill because that’s the brand I associate with pellet grills.

However, upon further investigation I found Traegers tend to have jamming problems where the pellets won’t load automatically. That could be a manufacturing thing that has since been corrected.

Then I came across the Camp Chef while searching for good quality, low cost grills. The two things I liked about it were (1) The temperature dial can be set to any temperature (not just high or low), and (2) There are two temperature sensors. One reads the temp inside the grill. The other is a probe you can put in the meat. That’s about as foolproof as you can get. Not many smokers have a probe to measure the internal temperature of smoking meat. That’s a big deal. And Camp Chef is based in Oregon where weed is legal, so there’s that :).

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