Smoke Cannabis Infused Pork Ribs

Smoke Cannabis Infused Pork Ribs

Everything is better with THC!

You are in for a treat!  This recipe will not have you ‘stoned’ – sorry Charlie.  However, the use of cannabis infused Olive Oil lends a mild, yet unique flavor to these ribs that many people enjoy.

So, get the smoker fired up, and read on….

Smoking pork ribs really isn’t that hard. Search Google for smoking pork ribs and you’ll find an endless amount of forums where people claim their ribs are competition worthy, and superior to the rest. Really it just comes down to seasoning, cooking slow and low and finishing sauce if desired.

True pit masters swear by using real wood, preferably dry aged real wood to smoke their meats. But most of us aren’t true pit masters. We just want to make a rack or two for our family or friends.

Being a lover of smoking and BBQ, it was high time to start testing out some different techniques to infuse my favorite smoked meats with a gentle lift of THC. Since I rub most of my meats with olive oil before seasoning, it was a logical step to use cannabis-infused olive oil instead.

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