Incredible Cherry Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

Incredible Cherry Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

Here are a few pictures while smoking…

Here’s one of my pork butts.. at 3 hours in

Pork Butt 3 hours in

Then at about 5 hours..

Pork Butt at 5 hours in

At around 6 hours, I checked and they had reached 160 degrees so I placed them in a foil pan, added some cherry Dr. Pepper to the bottom and covered the top with foil before placing them back into the smoker to finish.

Placed Pork Butt into a foil pan Added some cherry Dr. Pepper to the pan(s)Pork Butts covered with Foil

Let the pork butts cook until they reach at least 200 degrees with about 205 being about perfect. At this point they are very tender and will practically fall apart with very little effort.

Here is one of the butts once it reached 205 degrees. As you can see the pan is full of liquid which is part cherry Dr. Pepper and mostly rendered fat and juices from the meat. The juice will be saved and used later.

Pork Butt at 205 degrees Nice smoke ring

Beautiful smoke ring and it is absolutely delicious.. albeit very hot!

Click NEXT (below) for Pork Pulling Instructions!

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