12 Grilling Mistakes To Avoid

12 Grilling Mistakes To Avoid


The Thinking: What effect could these little fiddly things possibly have on my man-sized flame?

The Reality: Adjusting the position of the vents is the best way to control oxygen and heat flow within your charcoal grill.

The Fix: Access to oxygen can have a major impact on how efficiently your coals combust. Too much and they can erupt into soot-inducing flames. Too little and they choke themselves out. The lower and upper vents on your charcoal grill can be used to adjust the flow of oxygen, thereby adjusting the heat generated inside your grill. Cooking chicken, ribs, or brisket low and slow over indirect heat? Keep those vents closed. Searing the outside of a big fat steak or a burger? Keep them open to encourage higher heat (just don’t let those flames lick the meat!).

The relative positioning of the top and bottom vents can also make a difference! I like to position my vents with the lower vent on the opposite side of the food and the lid vents directly above the food to promote convection currents inside that more efficiently take hot air above and around the food.

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