12 Grilling Mistakes To Avoid

12 Grilling Mistakes To Avoid


The Thinking: Fire kills everything. Burnt-on food adds flavor. Nobody will notice.Take your pick.

The Reality: Your chicken comes off the grill with carbonized bits of last night’s pork chops stuck to it or, worse, tonight’s chicken ends up sticking to last night’s pork chops, leaving its outer layers behind on the grill. Tomorrow night part of your asparagus is gonna stick to that chicken. The burnt-on layer of food is going to grow and grow like a katamari until eventually entire prime ribs and turkeys are going to get stuck to it.

The Fix: Clean those darned grill grates! All you need is a grill brush and the smallest amount of elbow grease.

Pro-tip: If you cook on your grill regularly, don’t bother cleaning your grill when you are finished cooking and all you want to do is focus on feeding your hungry guests and getting to that next beer. And don’t bother trying to clean the grill at the end of the evening when it’s already cooled down and the gunk has hardened. Instead, clean your grill after preheating it just before you start to cook. The heated grease and food remains should scrape right off.

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