12 Grilling Mistakes To Avoid

12 Grilling Mistakes To Avoid


The Thinking: The meat is hot, my guests are hungry, let’s get this food on the table NOW.

The Reality: Cutting into a steak that’s too hot not only ends up burning your guests’ mouths, but it also causes the meat to unleash a torrent of juices that run all over the cutting board or plate.

The Fix: Let your meat rest off of the grill for a few minutes before serving it. This will allow the internal juices to thicken and redistribute, which in turn reduces the amount of spillage you get after cutting into them. So you like the outside of your meat to be hot and sizzling right when you serve it? No problem: rest your meat as usual, then right before serving it toss it back over the highest possible heat on your grill for just around 30 seconds per side. You’ll end up with perfectly rested, juicy meat and a nice crisp, sizzling crust.

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