12 Grilling Mistakes To Avoid

12 Grilling Mistakes To Avoid


The Thinking: I’m gonna paint this sucker with multiple layers of barbecue sauce and let each one cook on because it’ll give everything more flavor.

The Reality: The barbecue sauce starts to burn and turns acrid way before your meat is even close to completion. Your guests sheepishly scrape off the layer of blackened soot from what used to be chicken before adding extra sauce straight from the bottle to cover up that bitterness, but it doesn’t help. The bitterness stays. All. Night. Long.

The Fix: Barbecue sauce does very little penetrating no matter how early you apply it. At most it’s a surface treatment, which means that you can add it towards the end of cooking and still get just as much flavor out of it without risking burning it. If you are using a sweet barbecue sauce, wait until the final five to 10 minutes of cooking to paint it onto your meat with a brush.

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